Enhance Productivity with Solar Project Management Software

November 6, 2018


Solar project management software is very useful in maximizing the overall efficiency of the project workflow by tracking resource usage, goals completion, pending task assignment, maintaining schedules and preparing ahead for costs and contingencies.
They help your company focus on its sales and innovation. The right kind of solar project management software grows helps you stay on the cutting edge technology and growth by continuously growing itself with you.
When it comes to making selection of the best kind of solar project management software for your business, there are a couple basic things that you need to look out for at first. Here, you will find the complete list of features below that you may need to tick off your checklist while looking out for good solar project management software.
1. Project Schedule Maintenance
2. Cost Estimates & Proposal Templates
3. Sales Automation

Project Schedule Maintenance

Due to demand from enthusiastic customers and standardized industry work practices, solar projects progress at a steady pace. Owing to this factor, any delay at all is intolerable when it comes to completion of these projects.
Thus, you need to track the activities regarding project and see that you can manage any potential delays from happening. Any good solar project management software should be able compare planned timeline to actual timeline and suggest further measures.

Cost Estimates & Project Templates

When it comes to solar projects, no two are same. Each project differs from the other in terms of layout, budget and other details. To successfully land clients, you need to be able to showcase different templates and give cost estimates to your proposal.
Make sure that you go through all the templates and get an idea of how cost analysis works before going for particular software. Showcasing your work is the very first and yet important part of any business.

Sales Automation 
Automation on a scale that helps you track everything yet manages the project’s overall workflow including customer relationship management is very essential. This necessary feature simplifies your needs very much and ensures your best efforts.
There are couple of things such as document management integration (DMI), offline working mode, operation and maintenance integration within it, that enhances the workflow of the project.

Solar Project & Portfolio Management

There are a couple things apart from above mentioned features such as generating alerts & reminders, various reports and dashboard configuration to help keep an eye on everything and remain focused. Solar project management software by ProductDossier not only incorporates all the above functionality within it but has some advanced features that our customers appreciate a lot.
Apart from ready to use templates and inbuilt Gantt chart, it also has Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) which can be very efficiently used to project phases and allocate task accordingly. Not only that, it provides support for several different project management methodologies such as EVMS, Agile, Waterfall amongst others.

Gulit Upadhyay


This article was provided by Gulit Upadhyay, Sr. Digital Marketer at, a company dedicated to providing Solar and EPC project management software so that you can achieve business excellence.