ISO 9001 and TouchBase Product

September 27, 2011


ISO 9001 is a Quality Management System adopted across the globe by organizations of different sizes and across all verticals.

Implementation of a standard like ISO 9001 gives companies the confidence that they can deliver to their clients consistently and thereby improve their competitive edge in the market.

However, implementation of this standard requires a fair amount of documentation to support the certification by an external agency and also to give the confidence that a company can produce the desired output consistently.

While smaller organizations keep their documentation and records in the form of hard copies, the mid-tier, and large organizations have resorted to some form of automation to keep track of their documents, and records and manage their workflows.

However, they still have some lacunae in the implementation which can make tracking of the Quality Management System quite difficult.
ProductDossier’s TouchBase makes it easy for companies to manage their ISO implementation.

For different clauses of the standard, there are plug-in modules like calibration, bug and issue tracking, skill matrix, and risk management.

The document management system of TouchBase takes care of version control and the history of documents.

Workflows are easy to set up and the project life cycle and internal audit processes can be managed through the product workflows without having documents moving back and forth through emails.

Dashboards can be created with ease and that takes care of management oversight.

A white paper has been made which shows screenshots of the ISO process. ISO companies who have difficulty managing their implementation should look at the product demo.



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