Project Management Software for Manufacturing Industry

January 31, 2024


Manufacturing Industry – Project Management Iterative

As per the current scenario, the manufacturing industry has certain challenges as well as pain points to deal with. Cost, schedule, scope along with quality are the main pain points.

Project management software helps to minimize some of the above challenges for the manufacturing sector. It also empowers manufacturers to produce products of better quality, in the quickest time, and also at the lowest cost.

Although remaining focused on the project management approach while maintaining the production schedule can be challenging, it certainly pays off.

It is not easy to operate a manufacturing plant. You got to take care of countless things. Straight from coordinating with the teams running the whole operation to make sure that the machinery is in good shape there is so much going on in a manufacturing business.

There is no hesitation that all of this cannot be done unless you have the right technologies available. This is precisely what TouchBase – an award-winning project management software helps the manufacturing industry become more effective.

Project management systems are used for project planning, time management, resource utilization, and change management. It is one of the most beneficial tools to help companies become as effective as possible and distinguish themselves from the rest of the industry.

Project management software will shorten the lead time without compromising the quality of your projects, whether they occur in Make To order (MTO), Engineer Order (ETO), or other environments.

TouchBase – a project portfolio solution that offers visibility across the project portfolio and is a cloud-based scheduling engine. Continue reading to know how project management software helps manufacturing teams.

The Road to ProductDossier

Project management software is specifically designed to assist project managers as they move through various project levels. It will assist your manufacturing facility in many ways and boost planning, decision-making, scheduling, resource allocation, etc.

Production management software is easily integrated into most manufacturing operations and efficiently optimizes overall production through various functions such as production planning and control, integrated system, etc.

Production Planning & Control – The most important components of the system, project management software can contribute to an increased production process and different demands. The accountability of these variables might enable the production plan to change easily and keep production running as normal.

Integrated System – The use of an integrated system will help manufacturing operations through collaboration with the system. Since data is fed throughout the system, the system can make quick production decisions through system supervision and production control.

Plan Implementation – Plans with an automated framework without human intervention are made to assist the manufacturing process in achieving the necessary amount of output that acts as a catalyst for manufacturing project management software.

Inventory Control – Effective control of inventory levels is made as well as working up a schedule for too little or too much stock is possible through project management software.

Consequently, this will save revenue from manufacturing operations through over and under-stockpiling minimization, which inevitably leads to cost retention or inappropriate delivery times.

Product and Design Selection – Production management software for manufacturing will also help in determining the best product and design for efficient production. Once the correct product has been chosen, the design is tailored based on customer needs, which will give maximum value to consumers at a much lower cost.

Benefits of Project management software for Manufacturing

  • Range tasks estimates

A key feature of PM software makes it easier for users to estimate the time it will take to complete their tasks.

  • Faster project delivery

It helps in effective decision-making and speedier progress and completion of projects.

  • More accurate completion dates

It is easier to make more accurate estimates with a PM software as well as the project schedule is accurate and matches the current project.

  • Less wasted time

TouchBase is a priority-based scheduling engine that turns out to be a time saver. It is time collecting and helps in maintaining project data and you can focus on other responsibilities, such as process management.

  • Full transparency toward resource utilization

You can avoid the use of spreadsheets to estimate where and how the team is performing with project management software. With this, the team can have greater visibility about the ongoing project.

  • Enhance collaboration and communication

You can use project management software for commenting features and also provide task updates to your team. Further, you may also add comments which can be directly related to the tasks and items to which they connect. This will give clarity to everyone inside the team.

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ProductDossier - The makers of TouchBase PPM solution, that is configured specifically to the needs of your industry and organizational standards & processes. TouchBase is designed uniquely for external customer projects, new product development, and internal initiatives. TouchBase supports multiple project management approaches such as predictive, agile, and hybrid. TouchBase digitizes your project management landscape, offers holistic solution to your project management needs, and integrates with your existing enterprise applications such as ERPs, CRMs, Accounting, and others - to deliver one version of project management truth!