Project Planning and Management Working Together to Succeed

December 31, 2012


The need for project planning and management to work together is essential for the project and business as a whole to move forward. This is done in the most efficient manner by management providing the project team with the necessary tools to complete their assigned tasks.
By being involved to some degree the project planning and management team can create a successful path for a business to move forward against the competition and grab a larger section of the market share.
There are many management tools that project planning and management can use together to achieve this goal of gains in the market. One of the most used is ProductDossier’s PM tool called Touchbase. This has templates to help create all the necessary formal documents that must be created for each project. This will include various processes and support documents that will be required during the course of the project’s lifecycle.
Another way that project planning and management must work together is in the area of the budget. There must be sufficient capital for the project to succeed. The project planners must also consolidate and save where they can during the projects planning stage and execution phase. This will keep the cost to a minimum while still providing ample support for those areas that need it.
The reviewing process of involving the project planning and management is another area that must have seamless cooperation. When the project is being discussed, the project team and management must be on the same page so the plan is draw up in accordance to what is expected of it. If there are too many discrepancies found in the reviewing process, then a great deal of additional time will need to be spent on correcting the situation. This time would be better spent executing the plan rather than correcting it.
By coordinating project planning and management together, a project can go from a simple idea to a deliver able ready for the market place faster and more efficiently. This will make a positive contribution to the market share the deliverable will bring to the business as a whole and success of the company.



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