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January 31, 2024


Project Proposal Builder Software

In any given business scenario, there are a few indispensable processes. For example, pitching a terrific idea to a prospective client will yield no measurable returns, unless the client can visualize exactly what they stand to gain from the partnership. This is where the role of the proposal comes in.

Often, a proposal or a quote document is one of the most crucial impressions made on the client. Proposals have the power to make or break deals, which is why they are considered as mission-critical elements of a CRM business process.

While building a precise, appropriate, and professional business proposal or quote template is therefore among the most integral parts of the sales cycle, it is also one of the most trying and often mismanaged processes in a business organization. To streamline the creation and management of a strong quote document, organizations need to have an efficient and extensive project proposal builder software in place.

But before we delve into the merits to be earned from such software, it is first important to understand the factors that make up an ideal business proposal.

What makes a good proposal?

To develop a comprehensive and attractive project proposal, business organizations need to be “SMART”. SMART or Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-related objectives are the foundations of a robust business proposal and quote document.

  • Specific: The first objective of an ideal project proposal is specificity. Rather than spouting generic statements regarding the merits offered by the project, the proposal must provide an in-depth research-based context and address specific issues that the client is facing.
  • Measurable: All the objectives and goals mentioned in a project proposal must be able to deliver quantifiable results. Clients respond best to a measurable value that the project can offer them, and the proposal must thus feature objectives that can be effectively tracked and assessed at any given stage.
  • Achievable: Setting sky-high targets at the get-go is akin to building castles in the air. To ensure that each objective of the proposal meets its endpoint, it is prudent to start small and set clear and achievable targets at a community level and build the way up to more long-term prospects.
  • Relevant: In addition to being achievable, project proposal objectives must also be result-oriented and relevant to the strategic trajectory and mission of the client and must be able to address the specific requirements of the target group.
  • Time-related: Lastly, duration and time is a critical factor to consider when setting proposal objectives. Thorough research of previous projects and keen observation of community happenings is important to set a predefined time limit for task completion. Time management is vital, and all steps related to the project, potential obstacles as well as all other nitty-gritty must be considered to set realistic and practical time-related goals.

How does proposal builder software help realize business success?

Any business executive worth his salt knows how important a business proposal is in the process of client acquisition. However, while the significance of the process may be common knowledge, not every business knows how to do it the right way.

Project proposal builder software has emerged as a saving grace for many organizations in this regard, helping businesses manage and automate each step of the proposal process, right from idea generation, to writing, to editing to presentation to follow-up. In essence, a project proposal management system is designed to empower businesses with comprehensive and attractive business proposal templates, as well as all the further associated procedures.

There is a plethora of project proposal builder software’s available in the current market landscape, with advanced and sophisticated features including billing and invoice tools and web content embeds, to name a few. However, to choose the proposal builder software to best fit their project objectives, there are some core features that organizations need to watch out for. These include:

  • Adaptability to bidding requirements

Flexibility, especially in terms of delivering bidding documents with varying designs, is a major facet of an ideal project proposal builder software. A system with versatile tools and a range of designs, templates, and other details delivers the best results to business organizations that require complex proposal and contract assemblies, for instance in legal or professional document

  • Seamless integration with key systems

A top-tier project proposal management system must feature robust integration capability with an organization’s existing systems. Among these, integration with the business’s CRM system is a crucial factor to consider when vetting a proposal management software, as the detailed customer insights offered by a CRM can aid the software in tweaking and customizing proposals to best align with the needs of the prospective clients. In addition to the CRM, the proposal building software must also be able to assimilate with key platforms in the business ecosystem, such as email and document management tools.

  • Potential for manual intervention

While automation is a core feature in any efficient project proposal builder software, organizations ultimately stand to benefit more from double-edged tools, which offer the option of manual intervention and override solutions. This factor is particularly important for organizations that require manual entries for specialized bids or client prerequisites.

  • Collaboration Space

Since proposals contain detailed and in-depth information relating to diverse departments in an organization, a platform with a strong collaborative channel will prove most beneficial. Through a dedicated collaboration space in the proposal management software, experts and heads from various departments can quickly and easily share ideas, files, and opinions regarding the contracts on a single platform. Virtual consolidation of ideas from myriad sources of expertise makes for a more well-rounded and thorough proposal, which is a core requirement for many organizations.

Whether dealing with small start-up businesses or large-scale conglomerates, a polished and powerful proposal is key to a successful client acquisition process. To that end, it is time for sales teams to go beyond the traditional tactics and invest in innovative solutions such as project proposal builder software that will help propel their business towards a more successful outlook.  

If you are looking for a robust proposal builder solution that comprises all the aforementioned benefits and more, look no further than TouchBase Proposal Management Software from ProductDossier, a one-stop automation solution for all stages of a proposal process, from cost estimation & revenue calculation, to proposal content digitization to the generation of attractive and professional project proposals with a click of a button.

Shivani Kumar


This article is provided by Shivani Kumar, Head of Marketing and Director at Kytes, formerly known as ProductDossier. Kytes is a company renowned for its flagship product, Kytes PSA Software - an Integrated Project Management Software solution. Kytes PSA assists customers in achieving Business Automation and Excellence.