Should a Project Management Software thrust its processes on your organization?

January 31, 2024


Evaluation and selecting a project management software is an arduous task with 50+ options available. The process is further complicated when most software providers highlight how their features and functionalities are superior to the rest. Despite vendors creating ‘cheat sheets’ for investing in the ‘right’ project management software, customer organizations struggle to ‘sign the dotted line.’

The key reason behind customers experiencing decision-making ambiguity is –

“Most project management software misses the organization’s context.”

‘Uniqueness’ is linked to –

  1. Projects – by definition.
  2. Industries – by products and services.
  3. Strategies and execution – by intellect and processes.
  4. Organizational culture – by design.

So, should not project management software be unique?

Most software vendors mistake PM software uniqueness to features, UI-UX, reports, etc.

The missing link is –

“To what extent does the PM software accommodate the customer’s business processes.”

The product management of a drug is extremely different to that of a Kellogg’s snack – a PM software provider must not expect these two projects to be managed on their software without differences in their ‘configuration’!

Decision-makers should review PM software for their ‘configurability’ to the specifics of their industry, project-type, business processes, and organizational methods.

About ProductDossier         

Started in 2006, ProductDossier is a leading project portfolio management solutions company. Its flagship product, TouchBase, is:

  • Out-of-the-box, yet configurable to industry and company-specific needs
  • A comprehensive solution that addresses scheduling, resources, costs, engineering, proposals, business cases, new product development, procurement, risks, issues, meetings, quality, documentation, dossiers (Pharma), and social collaboration.
  • Integrates with SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, AutoCAD, QuickBooks, Tally, Microsoft Office, and Others.
  • Modular and scalable.
  • Hosted On-Premises and On-Cloud
  • Deployed by 50+ clients across 20+ countries.

TouchBase is designed to build a project management culture for your enterprise.

Srikanth PV


Srikanth PV comes with two decades of global corporate and consulting background across industries with diverse roles including Strategy, Leadership, and Management. Currently, Srikanth is Head, PPM Content Management at Kytes focused on content management strategy aimed to empower customers create and enhance value through its flagship digital solution - Kytes PSA. Srikanth is also a former member of the Board of Directors of PMI Bangalore Chapter.