TouchBase CRM – New Age Customer Relationship Management Tool

January 31, 2024


TouchBase CRM Tool

In today’s world where there is so immense competition for growth, the key for top line and bottom line growth lies in

  1. Tracking your sales prospects in an effective manner and get more customers.
  2. Ensuring the profit margins are correctly estimated during sales proposal time.

While this looks like a simple formula, it is equally difficult to execute both the ideas at the same time. Getting more business means quoting lower values in a sales proposal. Ensuring healthy margins means sales price much above cost estimates.
This means that the cost estimates have to be accurate, so that sales price is low, but profitable enough for the execution. This is more challenging in project based businesses.
There are several CRM tools today which can track leads but they have limited capabilities of tracking overall progress and attaching documents. Key aspect of ensuring proper cost estimates (using scientific way based on historical purchase rates or costs) is not there. Also risk analysis at sales stage, capturing cost of acquiring customer etc. missing.
TouchBase CRM is the new age CRM tool which will help organizations to effectively overcome above challenges and achieve better sales and profitability.
Key features:

  1. Capture leads.
  2. Track enquiries using status and graphical work flow.
  3. Do accurate cost estimates based on resources or BOQ material list.
  4. Arrive at sales price using mark-up percentage.
  5. Assign resources for each critical activity in lead closure.
  6. Approval workflow for each aspect of lead.
  7. Risk analysis at bidding stage.
  8. Document Management for each lead.
  9. Failure analysis.
  10. Slicing and dicing of enquiries by region, customer name, sales manager etc.

With the above features, organizations will achieve the following

  1. All lead information digitized.
  2. Approval process which is tailored as per your organization’s process and approval matrix.
  3. Standardize the sales documents using templates – site survey, sales presentations, proposals etc.
  4. Centralized document repository.
  5. Do the competitive bidding, yet profitable.
  6. Do risk analysis before winning the bid.
  7. Lead approval process standardized based on division, value of lead, region etc. Rule based approvals.
  8. Information at the finger tips. Do the intelligent sales analysis for identifying both the winning pattern and where you are losing.
  9. Measure the efficiency of sales team. Reward the best and improvise the rest.
  10. Calculate the cost of sales
  11. Identify your top competitors

With TouchBase CRM Tool, you will not only manage your sales funnel better, but also achieve better lead-to-conversion ration and improve the profitability of the organization.



The author of this article is Chandrashekhar who works as Project Management domain expert in ProductDossier. He is an engineering graduate from IIT and attended management program from IIM. He also has certifications in ISO Audit and Business Process Management. He has more than 15-year experience in Enterprise Project Management, Product Management, and Quality Management areas.