Why EPC Projects require Engineering Project Management Software with Mobility Access?

January 31, 2024


EPC Projects Require Engineering Project Management Software

Hello All,
In my previous post titled, “A date with the project management of the yesteryears”, I had driven you all on an interesting journey down my close friend’s memory lane.

His narrative build enough curiosity in me in order to take a dive and study in detail the features and limitations of the year’s project management software in perspective to the current day’s complex and integrated business demands.

Well, one thing was for sure, the varied and complex nature of current-day businesses, services, and construction projects require specialized project management software with enhanced features catering to the following needs (but not limited to):

  • Real-time project profitability check
  • Novel and complex designs
  • Usage of materials that were previously untried
  • Diverse contract types
  • Higher levels of outsourcing specialized work
  • Sourcing across geographies
  • Adherence to global quality norms
  • Compliance with various regulatory requirements
  • Exhaustive documentation
  • Enhanced and seamless collaboration with multiple teams – internal and external
  • Enhanced and seamless integration and operability with other workflow programs/software
  • Numerous payment terms linked to different milestones
  • Shorter and pressing delivery timelines
  • Human resources of varied skills and competencies
  • Increased stakeholder expectations

While I was writing this blog, especially for Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) projects and describe a little more about engineering project management software, I was simultaneously browsing the Department of Science & Technology (DST) website to check if we could participate in some Government of India projects.

For the benefit of my readers, the DST, under the Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India in 1971 with the objective of promoting new areas of Science & Technology and to play the role of a nodal department for organizing, coordinating and promoting Science & Technology activities in India.

While browsing I came across a link titled Electronic Project Management System (e-PMS) which could be used by companies, academic institutions, and individuals to upload their project proposals in an electronic manner.

Well, could this be a coincidence, I smiled. I had set out to write about engineering project management software for EPC companies and projects, and here I come across a similar acronym (e-PMS) but with a different meaning.

Anyways, coming back to the topic, there is a distinction in the way project management professionals manage projects compared to EPC project professionals.

In general, project management professionals work on a product, service, and result for almost any domain. However, the EPC projects by the virtue of their characteristics do not offer the luxury of air-conditioned office environments to the project professionals.

How good it would be if there could be project management software that could understand their woes and also their needs, and would do enough justice and more to EPC project professionals and other EPC to not only increase the effectiveness of managing their projects but also cater to various other requirements as mentioned earlier.

In short, would it not be good if engineering project management software could be designed to cater to all these and also the EPC project professionals are given access to an application to enable them to be up-to-date and in synchronization with the project progress in terms of, but not limiting to, workflow based requests, resources, schedules, timeliness or time overrun, resource utilization, scheduling constraints, costs, documentation and much more.

I strongly believe that if all this information and intelligence is made available to the EPC project professionals, it will not only enable them to make timely tactical and instantaneous actions but would also enable the project managers and other decision-makers to make strategic decisions leading to client satisfaction and attainment of goals.

TouchBase is a potent amalgam of capability-rich portfolio and engineering project management software and solutions with an equally powerful mobile application. TouchBase also allows users to choose from a range of templates with the capability to tailor them based on their project’s unique requirements.

I welcome you to test drive TouchBase today.
Meet you again soon, with more.

Shivani Kumar


This article is provided by Shivani Kumar, Head of Marketing and Director at Kytes, formerly known as ProductDossier. Kytes is a company renowned for its flagship product, Kytes PSA Software - an Integrated Project Management Software solution. Kytes PSA assists customers in achieving Business Automation and Excellence.