Why your Organization Needs Timesheet Software?

January 31, 2024


Organizations can improve productivity and man hour allocation management, by leveraging a sophisticated timesheet software solution. The leading providers of timesheet management software, such as TouchBase, ensure that managers can track all man hours invested in a project, while also auditing bills generated to ensure accuracy. They also allow managers to track the performance of key resources for projects, based on various stages and milestones, to understand the output received vs input and cost.

Seamless Timesheet Reporting

Project decision-makers and stakeholders can easily review timesheet reports to understand the role of each resource and their performance. They can be run against various parameters, such as approval, pending, defaulters, etc. for reviewing purposes. They can also be segmented by day, for large-scale resource-tracking, or by week/month for regular reviews and project analysis.

They can showcase enterprises which areas or which projects required the greatest number of man hours to execute. New solutions can be developed to address these resource-intensive processes, and they can be streamlined further. The seamless reporting of timesheets is a vital advantage that timesheet software solutions provide to all enterprises.

Enhanced Communication Between Teams

Timesheet tracking and management software solutions streamline communication between project teams and managers. They allow for comments, reviews, and instant approvals, based on the input man-hours, project deliverables, and key objectives. They eliminate ambiguity from the process, and constant back-and-forth between teams to ensure accuracy in reported timesheets.

This saves time and money, as managers can review all timesheets from one dedicated platform. They can synchronize the project goals, budgets, and timesheet reports within a project management software, and analyse the profitability, revenue, and per-resource productivity in terms of cost easily.

Ensures Billing Accuracy for Projects

One of the major benefits of adopting an enterprise employee time tracking software is the accuracy gained in measuring the time invested within projects. All man hours can be seamlessly tracked by project managers and can be precisely approved for billing to clients on a regular basis.

Managers can also analyse previous bills and scan for discrepancies, while also organizing all billed man-hours within one intuitive timesheet management software solution. Additionally, since the timesheet management solutions are automated and standardized, it eliminates additional work and time required to ensure accuracy for billed man hours.

Optimized Resource Allocation

Project managers that leverage a timesheet software solution have complete access to project, resource, and timeline data. They can allocate resources seamlessly to new projects or adjust team size and strength to ensure that projects are completed on time. Managers can also plan for predicted shortages, by assigning and training resources earlier on, to ensure uninterrupted execution from team members.

Timesheet software solutions also simplify tracking the performance of resources, as they enhance their skill level. They set a benchmark for various stages within the projects, enabling enterprises to scale up operations seamlessly. They can even boost productivity, by ensuring that all employees are tracked within the same software solution.

In Conclusion

Project managers aiming to improve time capture, resource cost tracking, and workflow mapping, can leverage a robust timesheet software solution. The best timesheet solutions ensure that project managers have complete control over man hours invested into a project and enhance accountability through automation. They are also standardized for specific projects and can be tracked for milestone-based stages to improve billing accuracy.

TouchBase, a ProductDossier product, offers enterprises the right tools they need to align all resources into one platform through timesheet management and tracking.



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