Building Digital culture for Better Project Margins – Learnings & Insights from CFO office of IT Services Company.

Building Digital Culture using Professional Services Automation Software, a system that can empower services organizations to make very intelligent decisions.

TouchBase PSA is a Professional Services automation software from ProductDossier designed to help services organizations in forecasting revenue & margins, enhanced governance and improved customer satisfaction.

TouchBase PSA gives leaders –

  1. A clear view of their business, better operational metrics to understand how & how often they are winning.
  2. Competitive edge to compete against the competition by lowering their margins on a particular bid because of the visibility into their resources & better structuring their teams to compete either at a better price point or at a faster delivery cycle.
  3. Improving the margins of their services organization without losing opportunity to win business because of control on their resources & putting the right skills at the right time on the right task and is how they can control their margins. They get better margins for their resources and business which gives them more money and time to invest in R&D and strategic initiatives. Thereby growing their business, taking it to the next level since they’re not fighting the margin issue.
  4. Better Cash flow /Profits due to seamless invoicing automation which saves time and money. For a firm of 100 people 1% improvement in their billable utilization will yield somewhere between 1 to 3 million USD as profit.

In this Fireside chat, Shashank will talk about the global vision they had for digitizing project processes, the challenges they faced, and the value they created over time. He will share insights & learnings from the digital journey of his stint in Geometric Software.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Landscape for digitization & automation of project process for IT Industry.
  2. Key financial and delivery metrics & why it is important to focus on them.
  3. Selecting the right software partner.
  4. Do’s & Don’ts in software implementation.
  5. People change management and culture building.