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Enhancing Efficiency in Pharma and Nutritional Supplements through Kytes PSA

April 17, 2024



In the fast-paced world of pharmaceuticals, nutrition, and herbal supplements, companies face the formidable challenge of managing intricate data and product lifecycles efficiently. A leading company within this sector, with a geographical presence across Asia Pacific, Africa, Australia, Europe, and South America, embarked on a transformative journey with Kytes PSA to address its critical operational challenges. This case study explores how the implementation of Kytes PSA streamlined processes, improved compliance, and accelerated product development cycles in the complex domain of Pharma & Life Sciences.

Industry Context

The pharmaceutical and life sciences industry is characterized by rigorous regulatory requirements, the need for precise data management, and the urgency of bringing new products to market efficiently. Companies operating in this space must navigate the complexities of drug development, dossier management, and cross-functional collaboration, all while maintaining financial viability and compliance with global standards. The challenges of managing new product introduction (NPI), new product development (NPD), and new product launch (NPL) processes are significant, requiring a solution that can unify and simplify these intricate processes.

Key Business Challenges

The company faced several critical challenges that impacted its efficiency and ability to innovate:

1. Complex Drug Data & Information Management:

Difficulty in managing and accessing complex drug data and information.

2. Lack of a Single Source of Truth:

Absence of a centralized repository for all data and documents related to products.

3. Dossier & Revisions Traceability:

Challenges in tracking the history and revisions of product dossiers.

4. Cross-functional Team Conflicts:

Lack of visibility into various functions led to conflicts and delays.

5. Cash Flow Visibility:

 Inadequate insight into revenue forecasts and costs impacted financial planning.

 6. Ad hoc NPI and NPD Management:

 Unstructured management of new product introductions and developments.

Kytes Solution

To address its multifaceted challenges, the company implemented Kytes PSA, incorporating a suite of modules designed specifically for the pharmaceutical and nutritional supplement industry's unique demands:

 1. New Product Idea Evaluation & New Product Development:

These modules streamline the initial assessment of product ideas and the comprehensive management of the product development lifecycle, ensuring that only viable products proceed through the development stages efficiently.

2. Project Management:

This module enhances oversight across all projects, enabling precise planning, execution, and monitoring to ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget.

3. Dossier Management:

Separately addressing the intricacies of regulatory documentation, this module provides a structured and secure environment for creating, storing, and managing product dossiers, including tracking revisions and ensuring traceability.

4. Quality Management:

Ensuring that all products consistently meet the high standards required in the pharmaceutical industry, from development through to production and post-market surveillance.

5. Project Financials:

Offering detailed insights into project costs, revenues, and overall financial health, this module supports better financial decision-making.

6. Issues & Project Documentation:

A centralized system for managing all project-related documentation, including handling issues that arise during project execution, thereby improving response times and resolution efficiency.

7. Social Collaboration & Mobile:

Facilitating seamless communication and collaboration across teams, and ensuring project stakeholders have access to critical information anytime, anywhere through mobile integration.

Systems Integration

Integration with the company's legacy ERP system was a critical step, ensuring that Kytes PSA works seamlessly with existing databases and workflows, enhancing data utilization without disrupting ongoing operations.

Kytes PSA Business Impact

Unified Project and Dossier Management:

By implementing distinct yet integrated modules for project management and dossier management, Kytes PSA provided the company with the tools needed to streamline both project execution and regulatory compliance documentation, thereby addressing two of the industry's most significant challenges effectively.

Increased Efficiency and Compliance:

The targeted approach to managing new product development and dossier handling ensured not only faster project completion rates but also improved compliance with regulatory standards, as the dossier management module facilitated better tracking, version control, and accessibility of essential documents.

Enhanced Decision-Making:

With comprehensive visibility into project financials and a centralized platform for all project documentation and issues management, the company benefitted from improved decision-making capabilities, enabling proactive management of project bottlenecks and financial forecasting.

Accelerated Product Development Cycle:

The separation of project management from dossier management allowed for a more focused approach in each area, speeding up the NPI to NPL cycle through efficient project tracking and streamlined regulatory documentation processes.

Streamlined Regulatory Processes:

The dossier management module’s capability for templatized management and country-specific requirements significantly reduced the timeline for product registration, a critical factor in the highly competitive pharmaceutical industry


The deployment of Kytes PSA marked a pivotal advancement in how the global pharma and nutritional supplements company managed its complex project and regulatory documentation landscape. By differentiating between project management and dossier management while ensuring both areas are comprehensively covered through specific modules, Kytes PSA delivered a solution that not only met the company's immediate operational needs but also positioned it for long-term success in the fast-paced pharmaceutical industry.

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