case study

Revolutionizing R&D and Project Management in Specialty Chemicals with Kytes PSA

April 17, 2024



Facing a competitive and innovation-driven environment, a prominent Specialty Chemicals company with operations across India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Bangladesh embarked on a strategic initiative to overhaul its research and development (R&D) processes. This case study outlines how the company overcame significant challenges through the implementation of Kytes PSA, enhancing its project management capabilities and optimizing R&D operations.

Industry Context

The specialty chemicals sector demands rapid innovation, stringent regulatory compliance, and efficient project execution. Companies must navigate complex R&D projects, manage vast data from lab experiments, and ensure effective resource allocation to maintain their edge. The ability to swiftly capture, evaluate, and develop new product ideas is critical in sustaining growth and meeting market demands.

Key Business Challenges

The company faced multiple operational challenges that impeded its ability to innovate and efficiently manage projects:

1. Inaccurate and Inefficient Idea Capture:

Lack of a structured system for capturing new product ideas led to missed opportunities.

2. Unstructured Idea Evaluation Process:

Ad hoc evaluation processes hindered the company’s ability to prioritize and select the most promising innovations.

3. Dependence on Excel for Project Planning:

Excel-based methods were insufficient for the complexities of chemical R&D projects.

4. Offline Experiment Data Management:

Vital experiment data was recorded in notebooks, causing issues with data accessibility and integrity.

5. Challenges in Comparing Plans vs. Actuals:

Difficulty in tracking project performance (schedule, costs, materials) against planned benchmarks.

6. Ineffective Resource Management:

Poor allocation and utilization of resources delayed projects and increased costs.

Kytes PSA Solution

To address these challenges, Kytes PSA was implemented, featuring a suite of distinct modules tailored to the company's specific needs:

1. New Product Idea Evaluation

This module introduced a systematic approach to capturing and evaluating new product ideas, ensuring that only the most viable innovations proceeded to development.

2. Resource Management

Optimized allocation and utilization of resources across projects, enhancing efficiency and reducing project timelines and costs.

3. NPD Project Management

A comprehensive management framework that streamlined the execution of new product development projects from inception to completion.

4. Project Financials

Enhanced financial oversight across projects, offering detailed insights into budgets, expenses, and overall financial performance.

5. Project Risks and Issues

Proactive identification and management of potential risks and issues, minimizing their impact on project timelines and outcomes.

6. Project Meetings

Facilitation of effective communication and collaboration among project teams, ensuring alignment and timely decision-making.

7. Lab Experiment Management

Digitization of lab experiment data, improving accessibility, analysis, and storage, thereby enhancing knowledge management within R&D.

8. Project Documentation

Centralized management of all project-related documentation, streamlining access and ensuring consistency across the organization.

Systems Integration

Critical to the solution's success was its integration with the company's existing SAP system for Finished Goods Bill of Materials (BOM), ensuring seamless data flow and integrity across the enterprise.

Kytes PSA Business Impact

The deployment of Kytes PSA had a transformative impact on the company's R&D and project management processes:

Centralized Idea Repository:

Established a single, structured platform for new product ideas, significantly improving the innovation pipeline.

Streamlined NPD Processes:

Enhanced efficiency and speed in product development, reducing R&D costs.

Single Source of Truth for Projects:

Eliminated data duplication and inconsistencies, providing a unified view of project data.

Digitized Experiment Data:

Transitioned to digital management of experiment data, facilitating better data analysis and knowledge sharing.

Accurate Cost Analysis and Performance Tracking:

Enabled detailed comparison of project performance against plans, improving budget and schedule adherence.

Seamless SAP Integration:

Ensured data integrity and eliminated synchronization issues, enhancing operational efficiency.


Kytes PSA provided the specialty chemicals company with a robust and comprehensive solution to its R&D and project management challenges. Through the implementation of targeted modules, the company not only streamlined its processes but also fostered a culture of innovation and efficiency. The solution's impact extended beyond operational improvements, driving sustainable growth and enhancing the company's competitive position in the global specialty chemicals market.

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