Why is Resource Management Emerging as a Strategic Capability for Project Businesses?

Hemant: Welcome to the ProductDossier Podcast. I am delighted to bring this series of episodes to you in which we will discuss important aspects of professional services automation. In today’s episode, Sandeep Kumar, Founder and CEO ProductDossier is here to discuss the increasingly important subject of resource management. Welcome, Sandeep. Sandeep Thank you, Hemant. Thank … Read more

The Unfolding Story Of Attrition

Hemant The unfolding story of Attrition welcome to the second episode of Product Dossier podcast. I am quite excited about today’s subject, the subject of attrition. Headlines like the great resignation and quiet quitting have become common. So, we thought why not take a deep dive into this subject and then discuss the unfolding Attrition … Read more

Project Managers as CEOs of their Projects

Hemant I wish you all a very happy and a prosperous New Year our today’s subject of conversation is Project managers as CEOs their projects this subject I am sure would interest a lot of you and if there are project managers among you I am sure you will be able to make many connections … Read more

How to Create a High-Performing Project Team?

Hemant: Welcome to the Product Dossier podcast. Today we are going to discuss how to create a high performing project team. To tell us about such project teams and how to form them, what you all need, we have with us Sandeep Kumar, CEO and founder of ProductDossier Solutions India. Sandeep has spent a lot of … Read more

The Missing Piece in the Enterprise Software Landscape For IT Services Companies

Hemant: Hello, this is Hemant Karandikar welcoming you to the fourth episode of the ProductDossier podcast. This podcast is having conversations about leadership, people and technology for Project businesses. Today we are going to talk on the missing piece in the enterprise software landscape for IT services companies. IT services companies provide complex technology solutions, … Read more