Global Automotive Engineering Technology Company


Engineering R&D, PLM, and Connected Enterprise IT


India, UK, US, China, Japan, Thailand, Romania, Germany, France.

Challenges Experienced

No visibility into the CRM pipeline

Without clear insights into customer relationships and potential projects, strategic planning was significantly hampered.

Visibility into resource availability

Ineffective visibility into resource availability led to suboptimal project staffing and resource utilization.

Robust risks & issues management

The absence of a robust system for identifying and mitigating risks resulted in project delays and cost overruns.

Cash burn rate is not visible

The inability to monitor cash flow and burn rate in real-time affected financial planning and sustainability.

No consolidation of project portfolios

The lack of a unified view of project portfolios made it difficult to assess overall performance and align projects with business objectives.

Knowledge is distributed

Knowledge silos across departments and geographies impeded the sharing of insights and best practices.

Kytes Solution

A comprehensive project management solution encompassing various modules designed to streamline operations and enhance visibility across all aspects of project management.


Proposal Management

Project & Portfolio Management

Program Management

Project Financials

Project Resources

Project Risks & Issues

Internal Requests

Project Documentation

Timesheets & Leaves

Project Meetings

Knowledge Management


Customer Satisfaction

Social Collaboration

Mobile Application



MS Dynamics

LDAP Margin Calculator

SAP Success Factors


Benefits Realized

Digitization of Project Management

Kytes facilitated a completely digitized project management environment, significantly enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

Visibility into Opportunities

With Kytes, the company gained clear visibility into new opportunities, enabling better strategic planning.

Resource Management

Complete management of resources was achieved, ensuring optimal allocation and utilization.

Invoicing and Financial Visibility

All invoicing became streamlined through Kytes, along with comprehensive visibility into the project cash burn, improving financial planning and sustainability.

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