How to Use PSA to Clinch Deals With New Customers

June 26, 2023


Professional Services Automation Software, or PSA software, brings operational improvements to IT services companies and other project businesses. It integrates all your existing applications like CRM, HRMS, accounting, and project management to help you track, plan, execute projects, and close deals. 

However, that you can leverage PSA’s features to persuade new prospective customers to consider you favorably is not well known.

In our previous article, we discussed how the risks faced by buyers of IT services are significantly higher and different from vendors. They face unquantifiable risks. Delays in project implementation can disrupt operations, leading to difficult-to-estimate costs. Their employees can lose faith in such solutions. Therefore, customers facing transformation and cultural change challenges may become more risk-averse.

Use PSA to convert leads into prospects

Improving website traffic, and sharing ideas and knowledge through industry conferences, blogs, videos, and social media activities, can generate interest from potential customers. However, things become more challenging when a new prospective customer shows interest by making the first call or sending the first email.

PSA software integrates with CRM, providing fingertip access to similar projects and their histories. You can leverage this information to understand customer requirements, create work breakdown structures, conduct risk assessments, and tailor your proposals.

Standardized costing

PSA software simplifies cost estimation through well-defined workflows and templates. PSA uses standardized costs of resources and other direct and indirect expenses.  PSA software maintains various cost-masters. Authorized managers can update the cost masters based on cost inflation indexes and experience.

Collaborative and iterative proposal building

You can build proposals using the PSA software’s proposal-building module, iterating on them as you learn more about customer requirements and obtain inputs from experts in your organization. Your quick and precise responses will go a long way in building trust in your organization.

Demonstrate your ability to execute projects

You can show your customers how quickly you can assemble a project team and assign the right resources. You can create mock-ups to demonstrate this. 

You can showcase how the PSA facilitates change management. You can assure your prospective customers that you’re well-equipped to handle any changes that may arise.

You can demonstrate using a project dashboard for assessing a project’s progress.

A recurring source of friction during project execution is billing. You can showcase how your billing system complies accurately with the contract. PSA allows you to trace the billing details to the respective timesheets.

Ensuring compliance with data privacy, security, and integrity regulations is another crucial selling point. Customers are more likely to trust an integrated system over many standalone applications and spreadsheets, making managing data privacy, security, and integrity challenging.


You can leverage PSA to impress prospective customers by putting together a strong proposal with realistic costs and updating it as discussions progress. You can demonstrate quick resource allocation and responsiveness to changing project needs. You can provide accurate invoices and traceability with time sheets. PSA makes it possible for you to show your end-to-end project execution capabilities to your prospective customers. 

Your PSA can help you win your prospective customer’s trust.

ProductDossier PSA makes all the above and much more possible. Contact us at to learn more and request a demo.

Hemant Karandikar


Hemant Karandikar, a Product Marketing Strategist and an IIT Bombay graduate in Electrical Engineering, weaves decades of experience in R&D, engineering, and management. He initiated a successful industrial electronics startup and subsequently built a thriving consulting practice. As an author of management books, Hemant propels leadership, innovation, and content creation. He collaborates with Design Directions Pvt. Ltd. to shape UI/UX design. A fervent runner, he coaches individuals towards a healthier lifestyle through running