Myths about Business Process Management

July 20, 2012


Since the emergence of Business Process Management (BPM), organizations adopting it have had a wide variety of experiences some successful and others less so.

Some would argue that because Business Process Management is so amorphous that any project is considered to be analogous to ‘boiling the ocean’ and therefore, the outcomes may vary from exceptionally successful to, in some cases, disastrous.

Enterprises, where the processes or people or products or prices keep changing constantly; Also Enterprises where the processes are complex or multilayered in terms of sub-processes or with multi-approvals-system or cross-functional approvals or where new products/ processes/projects are initiated regularly.

Small-to-medium size or medium or large enterprises usually fall into this category.

Small enterprises with simple processes but involving high value also join the bandwagon.

Here are some myths related to BPM

  1.  BPM projects are long-term projects:- Most BPM projects go live in less than 45 days. Designing the workflow takes up to a week. Creating the workflow takes up to two weeks. Deployment and final touches take an extra few days. The hardest part of the BPM project is actually getting all the requirements and ensuring that they solve the business’s pain.
  2.  BPM is expensive:- BPM software is usually priced per user, per company, or per process. BPM enables organizations to cut costs and reduce the number of employees (or enable them to work more efficiently) by automating their business processes.
  3.  BPM is only for complex processes:- Some of the most important organizational business processes are short and simple processes (for example credit approval, and document approval.) BPM brings a significant impact by enabling managers to make quicker, better and more-informed



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