Resource Management Software: Tell-tale Signs That You need

August 3, 2022


Resource Management Software:

There are tell-tale signs that all is not well with the way you manage resources needed for your project’s business. 

You may have managed the allocation of resources so far with spreadsheets or some home-grown software.

So you might be thinking that you can continue in the same way, right? Not necessarily, if you wish to keep growing.

If you don’t wish to fall behind the curve, you need to be alert. You need to be ahead of your peers in your organizational capabilities.

Enterprise resource planning has emerged as a key capability in today’s world of hyper-competition. You face competition for business as well as talent!

If you often see the tell-tale signs described below, you should seriously consider opting for proper resource management software. 

The tell-tale signs

If your project managers are always complaining about shortages of resources, you shouldn’t dismiss their complaints by saying that ‘they always do that, or calling it ‘part of the game’. Look deeper, and you might find some serious issues. 

Overdependence on new recruits

Do your project deliveries or billing depend more and more on people who have joined in recent months? Is it a trend? 

Are you facing a serious attrition issue?

Customer complaints

Do your customers complain that the resources you provide don’t match what they need? Do they complain about the poor quality of work or missed milestones?

Missed billing

Do you miss billing because one or more of your people have gone on leave? Do you manage billing by shuffling your resources frequently? Has the number of incidences of sudden shifting of resources gone up?

Best people overbooked

Do your project managers hold on to the best resources for too long? Do they use highly skilled people for tasks that can be handled by people with relatively fewer skills? 

Change requests overwhelm you

Do change requests by one of your customers affect other projects? Do change requests cause the shifting of resources from one project to the other?

If you see one or more of the above types of signs, your ‘resource problem’ is not a transient one, it is much deeper and well-entrenched.

Merely recruiting more people won’t help much. Quick fixes won’t make it go away. 

Please don’t see it as just an attrition issue. Here is what you need to do.

What you need to do and you can get there in just 2 weeks!

Project managers complaining about shortages of the right resources is one of the many symptoms of the fact that you are not identifying, booking, allocating, utilizing, and tracking the utilization of your resources well enough.

You need a solution that aligns your processes seamlessly across various projects, groups, and departments.

You need a solution that presents a single version of the truth about resources for everyone in your organization. Further, the solution also must provide the ability to act on the truth.

You need a platform for cross-functional collaboration. As a provider of high-tech solutions to your customers, you cannot keep relying on a patchwork of packages and spreadsheets shared through emails. 

ProductDossier Resource Management Software is the solution you need. This cloud-based software can be readily configured and implemented in just 2 weeks! It is the enterprise resource planning software you need.

Start with it right away and see its benefits. Later, you can use it as a launchpad for implementing an end-to-end ProductDossier professional service automation software.

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