ProductDossier Soars to New Heights as Kytes  

April 18, 2024

Pune, Maharashtra – February 9th, 2024 – In a thrilling transformation, ProductDossier shed its former identity and soared to new heights as Kytes! The company celebrated this momentous internal launch on February 8th, 2024, with an explosion of color and excitement.

The office was decked out with vibrant kytes and decorations in the brand’s fresh palette, while employees proudly donned Kytes-branded t-shirts, fully embracing the spirit of the rebrand.

Festive Launch Event Marks the Beginning of the Kytes Era  

The office buzzed with anticipation as the Kytes launch event kicked off at noon.  A captivating video revealed the company’s vibrant new logo, officially marking the start of the Kytes era. 

Special guests Shashank Patkar and Hemant Karandikar added to the excitement, joining the team for a traditional lamp-lighting ceremony and celebratory cake cutting. 

Kytes Merchandise Takes Flight

The launch brought another surprise – the unveiling of Kytes’ exclusive merchandise! Employees were delighted with the stylish Kytes t-shirts, mugs, and bottles, adding to the excitement of the day. 

Leadership Shares the Vision Behind the Kytes Rebrand 

Sandeep Kumar, Founder & CEO, delivered an electrifying speech, sharing the story behind the rebrand and the powerful symbolism of the name Kytes. He also unveiled the company’s redesigned website, boasting a sleek and intuitive design. The speech ignited a wave of enthusiasm, with employees eagerly sharing their excitement about Kytes’ bold new direction.

The story of “Y” in Kytes

The distinct “Y” in Kytes simply reflects our belief system. The “Y” in Kytes represents our unwavering commitment to putting “You” at the center of everything we do. With Kytes, it’s always about “You”, guiding our journey, shaping our services and flying higher together.

Photo Booth Fun Captures Launch Day Memories

A dedicated Kytes-themed photo booth, brimming with playful props, became the heart of the celebration. Employees captured the joy of the moment, creating lasting memories of this historic day. The event was a whirlwind of photos, laughter, delectable snacks, and heartfelt congratulations.