Unveiling the Future: Kytes at the PMI Mobility Frontier Exchange: Vision 2030 

April 2, 2024

March 9th, Pune – In an event that marked a significant milestone for the future of mobility and artificial intelligence, Kytes emerged as a frontrunner at the Project Management Institute Pune Chapter’s PMI Mobility Frontier Exchange: Vision 2030. As a Gold Sponsor, Kytes not only underscored its commitment to innovation but also showcased its pivotal role in driving the sector towards a more digital and automated horizon. 

Kytes: At the Heart of Innovation 

Kytes’ participation as a Gold Sponsor was a testament to its leadership in crafting future-ready solutions. The company’s dedicated booth served as a crucible for thought leadership, attracting industry stalwarts keen on understanding Kytes’ vision for transforming project management through technology. Networking with these leaders provided Kytes a unique platform to exhibit how its state-of-the-art solutions are poised to redefine the mobility and AI landscapes

Spotlight on Excellence: Kytes’ Keynote Address 

One of the day’s highlights was a compelling presentation by Sanket Khinvasara, Vice-President at Kytes, titled “Drive Excellence through Digitization & Automation.” Sanket delved deep into the capabilities of Kytes PSA, demonstrating its potential to revolutionize project operations in the automobile and engineering sectors by streamlining, digitizing, and automating processes. The audience’s engagement and response underscored the significant impact Kytes is destined to make on the industry’s evolutionary path.

A Commitment to Security in Innovation 

Shivani Kumar, CMO and Co-founder of Kytes, further enriched the event’s discourse with a focus on the critical aspect of data security within Kytes’ offerings. Her emphasis on robust, secure solutions resonated deeply with the attendees, highlighting Kytes’ dedication to not only leading innovation but also ensuring the integrity and reliability of its products. 

A Meeting of Minds

The event witnessed a significant turnout of industry experts who flocked to Kytes’ booth, drawn by its innovative solutions in the project management. These interactions, characterized by deep discussions and a shared enthusiasm for technological advancements, highlighted the broader industry’s support and anticipation for Kytes’ forward-thinking contributions. The exchange served as a vivid testament to the company’s influential role in shaping the future of mobility and artificial intelligence through collaboration and visionary thinking. 

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