7 Facts About How ProductDossier PSA Software Empowers Delivery Teams of IT Services Companies 

March 1, 2024


IT services delivery teams face challenges like completing projects on time, meeting clients’ quality requirements , and doing it all safeguarding the project profit margins. Lack of timely and reliable information adds to their difficulties.  ProductDossier IT Professional Services Automation (PSA) software is indispensable for IT services delivery teams for  meeting the above challenges. The software empowers them to proactively interact with clients and with internal departments regarding deliverables and emerging issues.  

The ProductDossier PSA software, built for Professional Services Organisations, is not just another enterprise application. This PSA software brings various applications like opportunity management, estimations, proposal making, project management, resource management, project financials, revenue recognition & actual costs spreadsheets, and billing packages together. It eliminates ‘data-friction’ in IT services organisations and provides smooth work-flows across various functional areas. 

Here are the seven facts about how Product Dossier PSA software empowers IT services delivery teams. 

1. ProductDossier PSA software empowers delivery teams to perform more complex roles 

Project managers and their teams are now expected to go well beyond their traditional job of meeting client requirements. They are seen to have access to all levers that affect the profitability of their projects and therefore organisational profitability. Many organisations have made project managers accountable for the profits of their projects. 

PSA software fills in gaps in data-based actions that the project managers need to take in planning their projects, identifying and scheduling resource allocations, orderly engagement with clients, identifying and mitigating problems, staying close to ‘as sold’ project execution, timely billing, raising and managing change requests and finally closing projects with crystallised learnings.  

2. The IT PSA software empowers smart project planning 

When project managers start planning their projects, The ProductDossier PSA software provides data from the relevant completed projects. This data helps to identify potential bottlenecks and risks and makes the project plans robust. Every experienced project manager knows that project delays happen mainly because of unplanned activities. A well-planned project also identifies potential margin risks and prompts better attention to scope changes. 

3. Resource planning and scheduling the way delivery teams need it 

The ProductDossier PSA software supports both the agile and waterfall methods. 

The IT PSA software fills information gaps that prevent project managers from finding and deploying resources on time. PSA software provides cloud-based dashboards for viewing and allocating resources across projects and as needed as per project timelines. Emerging resource conflicts are visible. The delivery teams can preempt conflicts or mitigate their impacts. This makes hoarding of resources less attractive. The risk of a shortage of resources is one of the biggest stressors for the services delivery teams. The IT PSA software helps in reducing this risk.  

All delivery team members like project manager, architect, analyst, tech lead, consultant, and QA testing people get up to date task-lists or to-do lists and they can fill in their timesheets easily.

4. Power to engage with clients proactively 

The Product Dossier Professional Service Automation software places all project real-time information at the fingertips of project managers and their teams. This information is based on the ‘single version of the truth’ across all departments of the organisation. There is no need to scramble for information when interacting with clients. Even if everything is not going as planned, the quality of information and early sharing of problem areas assure the clients and win their trust.  

5. Power to bill the clients at the right times 

Project billing is another major stressor for project managers. Without cloud-based PSA software, project managers and their finance departments have different versions of projects’ execution. Reconciling different information, again and again, is not only wasteful but is an avoidable distraction. Such distractions take project managers’ and Operations Heads’ eyes off from more important tasks. Timely billing also improves cash flows and working capital. 

6. PSA software replaces messy messaging with a ‘Single Version of Truth’ 

IT services companies deliver complex projects to help clients streamline and automate their operations. Yet, their delivery teams and other departments like finance, human resources, and management have MS-Excel and standalone accounting systems needing manual efforts to gather information from each other. Even those having ERP or CRM systems leave out activities like project planning, monitoring, and resource scheduling. Naturally, one-to-one and one-to-many messaging is inevitable and places a huge burden on all employees. The ProductDossier PSA software presents a ‘single version of the truth’ across delivery teams and all the departments eliminating the need for fact-seeking communications. 

7. ProductDossier PSA software empowers project managers to protect margins 

More and more organisations expect project managers and their teams to take responsibility for protecting project profitability and enhancing it whenever possible. The only way the project managers can meet profit challenges is through the end-to-end project information and management tools provided by Professional Services Automation Software. 

Bonus fact: IT PSA software is a powerful decision support system for Heads Of Operations!

Delivery heads spend considerable time gathering information about various projects. They further need to take efforts to reconcile data from various teams and other departments.  

With the ‘Single Version of Truth’ empowering delivery teams, the heads of operations have all information needed to make critical decisions at their fingertips.  

ProductDossier’s PSA Software for Professional Services Organisations is undoubtedly an empowering solution for IT services companies. 




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