Demolish data silos for big gains in organizational performance

June 6, 2023


You can find any data on the world wide web. But are you able to retrieve data within your organization in the form you need it and when you need it?

“Data is the new oil”. Almost everyone – from the Big Tech to your local corner store – has been collecting your, mine, and everyone’s data. A search engine giant,  a social media platform, an e-commerce site, or a corner convenience store – all of them have been collecting data. So far, the collected data is being used for targeted advertising.

Things have gone well past all that. 

Now the data is coming back to you via chatbots powered by AI. Type a few lines and you get a quick search result without wading through commercial web pages. Type a few lines and you get a piece of Python code or a poem or a recipe or a travel plan. And we are just getting started.

But what happens to the data that is beyond the reach of the web-crawlers, social media platforms, and e-commerce companies? What happens to the corporate data? More specifically, what happens to the data in IT services companies?

You can get any data on the world wide web, but if yours is an IT services business, a good question to ask is, “Is your own corporate data available to you when you need it?”

Can your sales engineers and project managers quickly get information about executed projects, their estimated and actual costs, delivery performance, types of resources used, and their efficiency in estimating realistic costs for their next bid?

Can your project managers or resource management group get an updated resource schedule for reallocating resources or for finding specific resources?  Do they have to repeat this because some of the resources they identify, might be unavailable due to their leave?

Can the talent acquisition team get a realistic forecast of resources needed for projects in hand and projects expected to be started during the coming quarters without having to go around to multiple departments for information?

Can the accounts department quickly get information about project deliverables from project managers for billing? Will the billing be accurate and not get contested by the customers? 

Can the project managers know what the incurred current costs of their projects are and what the future costs will be, by just typing a few things? Can they obtain an analysis of the costs so that they can make the decisions required for staying within their budgets?

Can your customers get regular updates about project schedules and other important events without having to ask or wait for them?

Are you able to give affirmative answers to the above questions?

If not, your corporate data is fragmented.  Your managers can’t collaborate with each other. They spend a disproportionately high time in collecting and validating data.

You may have the best-in-class software like CRM, ERP, HRMs, and PMS, but your operational information gets accumulated in departmental silos.  

You need to bust data silos in your enterprise software and spreadsheets and let the operational information flow smoothly across departments and systems for better cross-functional collaboration.

ProductDossier PSA software does precisely that.  

It integrates your existing software and establishes end-to-end workflows. It demolishes data silos and empowers your managers with timely and dependable information. It gives them dashboards and actionable tools. 

You will see the impact of the ProductDossier PSA  –  improved customer satisfaction, higher project margins, and motivated and engaged employees. You will achieve big gains in your organizational performance.

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Shivani Kumar


This article is provided by Shivani Kumar, Head of Marketing and Director at Kytes, formerly known as ProductDossier. Kytes is a company renowned for its flagship product, Kytes PSA Software - an Integrated Project Management Software solution. Kytes PSA assists customers in achieving Business Automation and Excellence.