Proactive Project Tracking & Control with a ProductDossier PSA Software 

January 31, 2024


Project tracking, along with deliverables, milestones, and resources, is simplified significantly with the right PSA software solution.

Professional services firms are digitizing value chains for greater efficiency, and uncovering the opportunities driven by automation.

Managers are also gaining more control over project flow while streamlining challenges across planning, execution, and delivery.  

A key reason why professional services firms are opting for the best PSA tool in India has increased proactiveness.

All team members emerge more productive, real-time oriented, and dynamic in their approach to project delivery.

There is a strengthened focus on profitability, schedule adherence, and utilization optimization, with the right professional services automation solution. 

Comprehensive monitoring and tracking tools 

With all engagements, updates, and deliverables being automatically shared via the cloud, project delivery is made more transparent.

PSA software solutions are equipped with workflow-based tracking systems, automated flagging, notifications, and resource insights, to help improve project control.  

Project management is significantly streamlined when managers can use tracking tools for proactive oversight. They have greater control over the portfolio, as projects move from planning to delivery.

Managers are also able to identify key trends in execution, potential challenge areas, and resource shortages much faster with the right PSA tool.  

Expedited Problem-Solving and Real-Time Decision-Making 

Challenges with deliveries, quality, compliance, and cost, can be instantly identified and solved when all teams are connected via a unified platform.

PSA software solutions help resources engage in a workflow-driven environment which provides managers with updated insights automatically.  

Real-time decision-making is also essential to streamlined delivery, which is why professional services firms are opting for PSA software as they scale up.

Firms are witnessing the benefits of PSA solutions as they allow managers to make agile decisions on a range of KPIs.

They can also connect with any team level within minutes for quick updates.  

Optimization of resource utilization for projects 

For professional services firms, utilization maximization is a key execution level parameter. Managers want to ensure that all resources are productive while having the right tools to track their output.

From leave management to timesheet control, several functional tools are available within PSA solutions for proactive tracking.  

Digitization of documentation through PSA software also ensures that all resources have access to project data seamlessly.

The secured access to data also ensures minimal risk of data leaks, version issues, accessibility problems, etc.

This boosts collaboration within the domain, which drives timely completion for end-to-end tracking.

Strengthened focus on profit margin and cost 

Profit margins can remain a strong area of focus for project managers through the right PSA software.

Professional services automation solutions provide dashboard-driven access to cost, margin, earned value, and other vital calculations. Managers can seamlessly gain access to these insights and have more control over daily outflows.  

The top PSA software in India also aligns teams towards profitability goals, providing detailed analysis for better predictability.

Firms can forecast rising costs, issues with resource availability, cost cycle disruptions, etc. with greater precision when using a PSA solution.

This ensures that professional services firms can control projects in the best way possible for high-quality delivery.  

End-to-end Visibility through Analytics 

Project managers that use traditional tracking tools, such as follow-ups and offline communication, can experience delays in updating.

They may also have to invest significant time in tracking, without having a single dashboard solution to view all project statuses. This can be streamlined via PSA software reporting and analytics.  

There is more visibility provided when leveraging a PSA solution, as managers can perform data analysis on project completion data to track potential challenges.

Shortages, booking issues, releasing, cost and other lifecycle tracking areas can be mapped with greater precision.  

In conclusion 

PSA software solutions enable professional services firms to improve delivery and schedule adherence with automation and workflow-driven environments.

The digitization of operations via PSA solutions is empowering managers to proactively control projects better.  



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