Why Online Project Management Software is Essential while Working Remotely?

April 10, 2020


Online Project Management Software

At present, the world is going through difficult time period due to Covid-19 pandemic. During these times, many of us are working remotely or working from home (WFH). Well, WFH for a short period of time is not difficult, but over time it can be challenging.

Managing remote project teams can get difficult as tracking everyone’s work and productivity is tough. Also, communication becomes most obvious challenge faced by everyone in the organisation.

This is where an online project management software comes into picture, by taking an agile approach where one can plan, organise and control multiple project tasks so that the project completes on time and delivers successfully in spite of all the risks. The importance of Project Management tool has become more and more remarkable especially in current situation where most of the team members are working from home. It is the best way to improve the process and progress of projects.

Ensure the following stays the topmost priority when establishing your remote project management team and resources.


Communication is an essential factor in the projects. It is important to have online project management tool to promote and maintain frequent communication within a project team such as discussing the work status, assessing a risk or updating a stakeholder on a projects progress. It helps project managers to have full visibility of the work agenda, total working hours, resource on bench, project risks and issues, project progress and timeline.


When multiple people are working together on a task, it can be hard to collaborate while working from home. Working remotely can make it even harder to keep everyone organized. Project management software enables collaboration and allows teams to work in an organised manner online just as effectively as they would in the same room.

Timelines and deadlines

It is much easier for teams to become incompetent when working with remote teams. While the team is in remote place it becomes difficult to keep track project progress timeline and deadlines. Hence a project management software which can track projects in real-time. It means even if the teams are working remotely, they still know what tasks are assigned to them need to get done and what is the status of other tasks in the project.

Project Visibility

Project visibility is a critical element in the effective management of every project. With the help of Project management software, one can have project visibility of each and every task going on and how they are affected by client dependencies, permitting you to make cost effective and unified project plan & progress report. Also, helping you stay on point and delivering project on time.

So, remote project management would be possible by opting for an automated online project management software where organizations can easily overcome and eliminate the difficulties it faces while the teams are geographically dispersed or working remotely/WFH. TouchBase is one of such world class Integrated Project Management Software which not only helps you manage your remote teams with its advanced Resource Management capabilities but also helps you manage multiple projects, increase productivity and project profitability via digitizing all the business processes.



ProductDossier - The makers of TouchBase PPM solution, that is configured specifically to the needs of your industry and organizational standards & processes. TouchBase is designed uniquely for external customer projects, new product development, and internal initiatives. TouchBase supports multiple project management approaches such as predictive, agile, and hybrid. TouchBase digitizes your project management landscape, offers holistic solution to your project management needs, and integrates with your existing enterprise applications such as ERPs, CRMs, Accounting, and others - to deliver one version of project management truth!