Why Remote Resource Management software is Important in this Pandemic Situation?

January 31, 2024


Remote Resource Management Software

In organizations, resource management is the effective deployment of resources wherever and whenever they are required. To illustrate: people, finances, machinery, information, etc are all resources for an organization.

Resources are critical for every project. In the field of project management, many techniques and strategies have been developed for allocating and utilizing the available resources. Managing resources is one of the most critical management activities undertaken by every manager.

However, even the most competent managers often struggle with project resource management for several reasons, such as:

  1. Poor capacity planning – Organizations often might not know how many resources are required to complete projects within timelines.
  2. Not enough appropriately skilled resources – It’s not enough to have the right number of resources, the resources also have to be appropriately trained and allocated to projects so that they provide maximum value.
  3. Unrealistic schedules – Adequate planning such that resource constraints (time, funds, expertise levels) are taken into consideration.
  4. Inadequate transition process for resources – When resources are shared across different projects or departments, they need to be provided adequate support so that they are up-to-speed in the new process.
  5. Poorly documenting resource utilization – Many organizations often use spreadsheets or in-house databases to document the utilization of available resources. As organizations scale up and the resource pools expand, this method of documentation gets messy and complicated as the manager has no immediate visibility.

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has made all these issues even more complicated. Due to the pandemic, the entire world has been brought to a standstill. While some countries may have passed their peak and are slowly on their way to recovery, others might be far from it. Some other countries are seeing a second wave of cases as governments slowly ease lock down restrictions in order to jump start the economy.

Needless to say, Covid-19 is here to stay. In these difficult and dangerous times, Work-From-Home has not only become a personal responsibility, but it also has been mandated by organizations and governments all over the world. Hence, there has been an exponential boost in the remote workforce as companies made a quick transition to remote working. Whereas some organizations have permanently moved to a remote workforce.

Remote work is happening sooner than anyone expected, and the traditional office might even become obsolete in the future. As more people are getting used to working from home, and organizations become more comfortable in managing the same, there is a growing demand for dedicated software to manage a remote workforce.

This demand can be met and exceeded by Resource Management software. It is a computer application to plan and utilize resources such as people, finances, facilities, equipment, and other assets, in an optimum way. By using resource management software, you can decide which resource will be used at what time and in what conditions/quantity for optimum output.

Resource management software solves all the above-mentioned problems and supports portfolio resource management such that all resources are used effectively to maximize profitability. Using a resource management software has become an integral part of project management as it enables an organization to quickly and efficiently deploy its resources to use their crucial skills as efficiently as possible. The right remote Resource Management software provides you some key benefits such as:

  • Controlled Resource Allocation & Tracking
  • Resource Demand Forecast for Strategic Resources
  • Resource Availability Analysis for Flexible Resource Management
  • Timesheet Management
  • Skill Metrics & Leave Management
  • Resource Utilization Optimization
  • Resource Pool Indicating Projects Hours (Allocated, Actual & Approved.)

Also a software which creates templates, reports, and graphics which will visually express the gap between resource availability, project timelines, and planned work. It helps in estimating and forecasting for future projects which helps organizations foresee and plan for overheads. All this cannot be achieved without dedicated software.

TouchBase one such dedicated Integrated Project Management Software which not only helps you manage your remote teams with its advanced Resource Management capabilities but also helps you manage multiple projects, increase productivity, and project profitability by digitizing all the business processes.



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