What is a Project Management System? A 2024 Comprehensive Guide 

Project Management System

The idea of managing projects does not have one solid pathway. It branches out to take different routes and trajectories, that ultimately leads to the desired destination.   Hence, preparing a simple to-do list for the same will not suffice. Currently, a project does not just involve team members in the immediate vicinity. Instead, the workforce … Read more

Why Do You Need Project Management Software in 2024? 

The road to project planning is fraught with challenges. Hence, you must understand the crucial importance of planning. What is a plan? If orienting the definition in terms of IT projects, it covers the entirety of your project. From inception to execution, meticulous planning is necessary. The team needs to put their heads together to … Read more

Project Management Software for IT Companies 2024 

IT project managers are the backbone of enterprises in the current digital age. Resilient and proactive leadership at this forefront is crucial to help organizations achieve their IT goals. The IT climate is highly competitive, and project managers need to efficiently deliver demanding projects on time.  What are your roles as an IT project manager? … Read more

Talent Revolution – Why Your Company Needs Skills Management in 2024

“Action and adaptability create opportunity”. This famous quote by Garrison Wynn applies to all types of businesses across various industrial sectors. The combination of transformative events including the COVID-19 pandemic, the Great Resignation, and more have compelled organisations to restructure, introspect, adapt, and find new avenues to fuel and sustain growth.  There is enough evidence … Read more

IT Companies: Are You Ready For Transformative Benefits of AI?

Between hype and dismissal as a fad, AI holds promise. This article helps you understand AI’s benefits for your organization and what you need to be AI-ready. ChatGPT jolted and triggered ‘Code Red’ in the big tech companies. The hype around AI has risen to a crescendo. The hype won’t subside anytime soon now. One … Read more

Demolish data silos for big gains in organizational performance

You can find any data on the world wide web. But are you able to retrieve data within your organization in the form you need it and when you need it? “Data is the new oil”. Almost everyone – from the Big Tech to your local corner store – has been collecting your, mine, and … Read more

The Need For Looking Inward?

Counterintuitive? Yes. Keep reading to know why. Management Gurus exhort companies to focus on customers. They say that companies need to develop an outward-looking culture. They are of course very right. But what is happening in IT services companies?  Let us take a detour. IT companies have been rendering a wide range of complex technology … Read more

Achieve Your Project Budgets Using PSA Software

At a glanceTime to lead your projects. Use the right tools for building project plans, assessing risks, assigning resources, and tracking progress and budgets of your projects. Use authenticated real-time information to make decisions with confidence and speed. As a project manager delivering IT services, do you chase other managers to get the right resources? … Read more

Why Resource Management tool is important for effective Project Management

Projects go through three broad phases – (a) portfolio analysis and business case justification (b) project initiation & planning (c) project delivery.  At each of these stages, effective enterprise resource planning through industry-leading resource management tool act as the catalyst for value and cost.  In a hyper-competitive business world, the need for cost optimization was … Read more

Be a More Effective Project Manager with TouchBase

How to be a more effective project manager? This question has been bothering the project management fraternity since the advent of formal project management. Organizations continue to figure out the magic formula (if one exists ????) to create effective project managers. The advancements in technology have given rise to sophisticated project management software. However, let … Read more