What is a Project Management System? A 2024 Comprehensive Guide 

Project Management System

The idea of managing projects does not have one solid pathway. It branches out to take different routes and trajectories, that ultimately leads to the desired destination.   Hence, preparing a simple to-do list for the same will not suffice. Currently, a project does not just involve team members in the immediate vicinity. Instead, the workforce … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Project Tracking Tools: 2024 Guide 

When indulging in managing a project, it is characteristic of project managers to incorporate software tools. What is marking this inherent shift from solely relying on manual efforts to accelerating pace with proactive use of software project management tools?

Why Do You Need Project Management Software in 2024? 

The road to project planning is fraught with challenges. Hence, you must understand the crucial importance of planning. What is a plan? If orienting the definition in terms of IT projects, it covers the entirety of your project. From inception to execution, meticulous planning is necessary. The team needs to put their heads together to … Read more

Project Planning & Scheduling Software for IT Companies – 2024 

An innovative IT project needs to consider various factors for timely, successful delivery. One of the key determinants is proactive project planning & scheduling. It allows the project managers to match the decisions, activities, and deliverables with the desired outcomes and match customer requirements.  The given article presents a comprehensive understanding of project scheduling. It … Read more

Resource Management Software for IT Companies – 2024

Resource management is a crucial part of any IT project company. Resource management refers to the process of identifying, planning, allocating & optimizing resources as per project demands. Out of all the resources, human resources are the most important aspect of any IT project. Delivering an IT project successfully demands strategic planning, continuous monitoring, and … Read more

Project Management Software for IT Companies 2024 

IT project managers are the backbone of enterprises in the current digital age. Resilient and proactive leadership at this forefront is crucial to help organizations achieve their IT goals. The IT climate is highly competitive, and project managers need to efficiently deliver demanding projects on time.  What are your roles as an IT project manager? … Read more

ProductDossier PSA: Truly Beyond Project Management

At a glanceHaving CRM, Resource Management, HRMS, ERP, and a meeting and collaboration tool doesn’t fully equip you to manage your IT project delivery business. Read on to find what you are missing. Though Professional Services Automation (PSA) software is finding favor with more and more IT services companies that deliver billable projects, sometimes managers view … Read more

Manage Shared Support Services Elegantly Using ProductDossier PSA

At a glanceWhy are shared services essential to IT services companies?In what ways do their workflows differ compared to billable projects?How does ProductDossier PSA help manage them without tedious workarounds? PSA software Professional Services Automation (PSA) software solutions have become indispensable for streamlining the operations of IT services companies. The popularity isn’t surprising because PSA … Read more

How to Build Winning & Profitable Project Proposals Using the Best PSA Software?

How to Build Winning & Profitable Project Proposals Using the Best PSA Software IT services companies delivering billable projects to customers execute opportunities-to-cash cycles repeatedly. They must identify prospective customers, write winning and profitable proposals, deliver projects within budgets and on time, earn revenues, meet quality norms, and manage resources efficiently. Project management and resource … Read more

The Biggest Challenges Project Managers face And How PSA helps

The Biggest Challenges Project Managers face And How PSA helps This article answers the following questions:What are the biggest challenges that confront project managers?What do the project managers need to overcome their challenges?How does PSA software help in meeting the challenges?What kind of PSA software do the project managers need? IT service projects are inherently … Read more