Why Do You Need Project Management Software in 2024? 

The road to project planning is fraught with challenges. Hence, you must understand the crucial importance of planning. What is a plan? If orienting the definition in terms of IT projects, it covers the entirety of your project. From inception to execution, meticulous planning is necessary. The team needs to put their heads together to … Read more

Eliminate proposal management inefficiencies through a PSA Software

Maintaining high quality proposals is a preliminary step in streamlining business operations, improving revenue growth, and enhancing productivity. All processes, from planning to delivery, are optimized when proposal management is boosted through a proposal and project finance management system. Proposals are also more structured and well documented when using the latest project management software with … Read more

The key project financials challenges in the professional services industry

Professional services enterprises need to focus on optimizing project financials to scale up successfully and to continue delivering value to clients. Companies within the industry need the right strategies to overcome some of the leading challenges being faced within the financial management domain. It is also important to prioritize these project finance management challenges, enabling … Read more

Why is Demand & Capacity Management critical to your enterprise?

Demand & capacity management is an important aspect of revenue generation, growth, and streamlined execution. Ensuring adequate demand as well as appropriate capacity to fulfil key client requirements, is a major area of focus for project managers worldwide. Having the right team to deliver consistently can be facilitated with the right resource capacity planning tool. … Read more

Project Portfolio Management: 7 Outstanding Best Practices You Should Know

Like it or not.  We are living in a business world where professionals are always on the lookout for ‘best practices’ – be it products, services, or Project Portfolio Management Software.  There is no harm in seeking and incorporating best practices.  Professionals must realize that best practices are a byproduct of multiple factors – employees’ … Read more

5 Compelling Reasons Why You Need NPD Software

Organizations focused on new product development must speed up innovation and fend off disruption – if they are serious about survival and growth.  In this regard, companies are mostly focusing on the people-driven innovation and are not paying the required attention to the ‘enabler’ of new product development process, i.e., NPD Software or New Product … Read more

Align project management with organizational strategy using TouchBase

Living in a project economy, most organizations run projects just like any other activity of the company – leading to misplaced priorities, poor execution, and missed business impact.  Unfortunately, many managers do not see the link between organizational strategy and projects.  The situations turn worse when managers use spreadsheets, documents, and emails to manage projects … Read more

Why invest in Professional Service Automation Software?

Technology is all around us.  There is no industry that is untouched by technology and professional services is no exception.  However, the business case for investing in a Professional Services Automation Software is not adequately presented.  Most of the justification is around elementary – improvement in efficiency and effectiveness.   In our opinion, this is a … Read more

Ultimate Guide: Resource Management Software.

Let us start with a fact. Depending on how well or how bad your organization manages its resources, your leaders can deliver or destroy business value and drive cost optimization or lose cost control.  It is easy to spot sub-standard resource management when your business experiences any or all the following pain points. Misaligned projects … Read more