PSA Software: The Missing Link in your Service firm’s strategy

Professional services enterprises are expanding their business potential through the adoption of AI-based automation systems. The leading IT professional services automation software provide a comprehensive view into proposal designing, client onboarding, execution workflows, billing, and archiving. They also help firms focus on optimizing project delivery based on client requirements, while automating routine tasks, scheduled activities, … Read more

Revenue Recognition Simplified with TouchBase – PSA Software

Projects in general must deal with the challenges of managing scope, schedule, resources, quality, et al.  Compared with projects in other industries, professional services projects must deal with another unique challenge – that of revenue recognition.  You may be wondering – “We have so many Project Management Software and PSA Software solutions available.  Don’t they … Read more

Project Portfolio Management: 7 Outstanding Best Practices You Should Know

Like it or not.  We are living in a business world where professionals are always on the lookout for ‘best practices’ – be it products, services, or Project Portfolio Management Software.  There is no harm in seeking and incorporating best practices.  Professionals must realize that best practices are a byproduct of multiple factors – employees’ … Read more

The 10 Biggest Resource Management Challenges and its Solutions

Organizations deal with products and services that drive their revenue and profitability.  But it is your people that understand, visualize, design, develop, and implement products and services to the customers of any business enterprise.  It is a no-brainer that senior leaders must give the maximum focus and attention to resource management.  However, as organizations grow … Read more

5 Myths About Proposal Management Software: Busted

Organizations pursuing external customer projects depend on proposals that – offer high value to customers and don’t compromise of project profitability to service providers.  While organizations continue to develop proposals, their struggles center around proposal meticulousness, proposal creation efficiency, and proposal development speed.  Yet, business leaders take a half-hearted approach to selecting and implementing proposal … Read more

5 Compelling Reasons Why You Need NPD Software

Organizations focused on new product development must speed up innovation and fend off disruption – if they are serious about survival and growth.  In this regard, companies are mostly focusing on the people-driven innovation and are not paying the required attention to the ‘enabler’ of new product development process, i.e., NPD Software or New Product … Read more

Top Project Management Trends in 2022

We are at the end of another year.  2021 would be history…soon!  Globally, what does 2022 have in store for businesses?  What could be the “project management trends in 2022?” What shifts do we expect in Project Management Software/Project Management Tool?  These are some questions that must be driving the curiosity of project management professionals … Read more

Align project management with organizational strategy using TouchBase

Living in a project economy, most organizations run projects just like any other activity of the company – leading to misplaced priorities, poor execution, and missed business impact.  Unfortunately, many managers do not see the link between organizational strategy and projects.  The situations turn worse when managers use spreadsheets, documents, and emails to manage projects … Read more

Why invest in Professional Service Automation Software?

Technology is all around us.  There is no industry that is untouched by technology and professional services is no exception.  However, the business case for investing in a Professional Services Automation Software is not adequately presented.  Most of the justification is around elementary – improvement in efficiency and effectiveness.   In our opinion, this is a … Read more

How PPM Software Quickly Helps You Improve Organizational Performance

Professionally run businesses have a ‘Mission’ or ‘Purpose’ at their foundation.  Organizations then agree on ‘Values’ that represent ‘ways’ business is conducted – the way they deal with employees, customers, vendors, regulatory bodies, and other stakeholders.  Strategies are then laid out to outline what the company does and what the company does not!  Strategies represent … Read more