Resource Management Software: Tell-tale Signs That You need

Resource Management Software: There are tell-tale signs that all is not well with the way you manage resources needed for your project’s business.  You may have managed the allocation of resources so far with spreadsheets or some home-grown software. So you might be thinking that you can continue in the same way, right? Not necessarily, … Read more

Reduce The Gap Between As Sold and As Executed Project Cost using ProductDossier IT PSA Software 

Protect your profits by reducing or eliminating the gap in ‘as sold’ and ‘as executed’ costs of your IT projects. Your actual profit can be lower than the profit estimated at the time of bidding for many reasons. It could be because of the wrong estimation of resource-hours. Not considering travel costs could be another … Read more

Faulty resource allocation leaks profits -how ProductDossier IT PSA helps in keeping an eye on budgets and profits (Part 2) 

In the first part of this two part series, we looked at various practices in project planning and resource planning and their impact on profits. We saw the ways in which profits can leak and how to prevent them using PSA the software.  In this part two of the series, let us look into various … Read more

Faulty resource allocation leaks profits – How ProductDossier IT PSA can help (Part1)

You know that resource allocation is critical for the success of your project deliveries. It impacts customer satisfaction and your profits. Resource allocation choices also trigger chain reactions that can impact profits and employee morale. This two-part series describes how the PSA software for IT companies helps in preventing profit leaks due to misallocation of … Read more

7 Facts About How ProductDossier PSA Software Empowers Delivery Teams of IT Services Companies 

IT services delivery teams face challenges like completing projects on time, meeting clients’ quality requirements , and doing it all safeguarding the project profit margins. Lack of timely and reliable information adds to their difficulties.  ProductDossier IT Professional Services Automation (PSA) software is indispensable for IT services delivery teams for  meeting the above challenges. The … Read more

Proactive Project Tracking & Control with a ProductDossier PSA Software 

Project tracking, along with deliverables, milestones, and resources, is simplified significantly with the right PSA software solution. Professional services firms are digitizing value chains for greater efficiency, and uncovering the opportunities driven by automation. Managers are also gaining more control over project flow while streamlining challenges across planning, execution, and delivery.   A key reason why … Read more

How does a PSA Software enable the reduction of Daily Sales Outstanding (DSO)?

PSA Software: Daily sales outstanding (DSO) is a critical business metric that professional services firms need to track to ensure growth, liquidity, and cashflow. Delays in payments, issues with accounts receivables, and other risk factors can be optimized with the right PSA software solution.   Firms gain greater clarity on the payment cycle, while having set … Read more

Dynamically manage resource deployments via PSA Software 

PSA software solutions are vital to deploying the right resources at the right time. Professional services firms can gain better insights into tracking, availability, predictability, and booking, with the right resource management module. A holistic solution is key to better management, and end-to-end visibility.   The resource capacity management domain is also further optimized when the … Read more

Increase the speed of proposal creation through a PSA Software 

Designing professional proposals that are highly detailed and aligned with project goals are important to professional services firms across industries. Automating this critical aspect of opportunity management is the key to improved productivity, better quality, and data-driven decision-making. PSA software solutions can offer significant value in this domain specifically.   Increasing the speed of proposal creation, … Read more