Buyer’s Risks Are Stalling Your Prospects

What you need to do At a glanceBuyers of complex IT services face much more significant risks than the risks their vendors face. Vendors’ inability to mitigate the buyer’s risk causes delays in deal finalization.  Ever wondered why those project deals that looked promising are getting stalled? Why is that prospective customer not excited by … Read more

Increase the speed of proposal creation through a PSA Software 

Designing professional proposals that are highly detailed and aligned with project goals are important to professional services firms across industries. Automating this critical aspect of opportunity management is the key to improved productivity, better quality, and data-driven decision-making. PSA software solutions can offer significant value in this domain specifically.   Increasing the speed of proposal creation, … Read more

Eliminate proposal management inefficiencies through a PSA Software

Maintaining high quality proposals is a preliminary step in streamlining business operations, improving revenue growth, and enhancing productivity. All processes, from planning to delivery, are optimized when proposal management is boosted through a proposal and project finance management system. Proposals are also more structured and well documented when using the latest project management software with … Read more

5 Myths About Proposal Management Software: Busted

Organizations pursuing external customer projects depend on proposals that – offer high value to customers and don’t compromise of project profitability to service providers.  While organizations continue to develop proposals, their struggles center around proposal meticulousness, proposal creation efficiency, and proposal development speed.  Yet, business leaders take a half-hearted approach to selecting and implementing proposal … Read more

5 Ways to Use Proposal Automation Software to Your Advantage

Most organizations pursuing external customer projects have a good pre-sales team that work on producing proposals.  Yet their success is hardly visible.  Reason – not having a topnotch Proposal Automation Software that fires up your pre-sales engine! Proposal management is the gateway to business growth and profitability.A best-in-class Business Proposal Automation Software is the key! … Read more