Talent Revolution – Why Your Company Needs Skills Management in 2024

“Action and adaptability create opportunity”. This famous quote by Garrison Wynn applies to all types of businesses across various industrial sectors. The combination of transformative events including the COVID-19 pandemic, the Great Resignation, and more have compelled organisations to restructure, introspect, adapt, and find new avenues to fuel and sustain growth.  There is enough evidence … Read more

5 Compelling Reasons Why You Need NPD Software

Organizations focused on new product development must speed up innovation and fend off disruption – if they are serious about survival and growth.  In this regard, companies are mostly focusing on the people-driven innovation and are not paying the required attention to the ‘enabler’ of new product development process, i.e., NPD Software or New Product … Read more

Why invest in Professional Service Automation Software?

Technology is all around us.  There is no industry that is untouched by technology and professional services is no exception.  However, the business case for investing in a Professional Services Automation Software is not adequately presented.  Most of the justification is around elementary – improvement in efficiency and effectiveness.   In our opinion, this is a … Read more

Collaborative Work Management

One of the hallmarks of consistently great organizations is the ability of employees to collaborate across the organizational hierarchy. Collaborative work goes beyond the ability to communicate. The need for collaboration has never been so much as in the past twelve months. Most business managers and professionals mistake collaboration for the use of software tools, … Read more

What should a Project Management Software do?

In today’s project economy, it is rare to find project professionals and organizations not using a ‘project management software’ to manage projects. It is strangely unfortunate that decision-makers do not ask a fundamental question – “what should a project management software do?” When prodded, the answers invariably are tangential and indicate some of the following dimensions. Features … Read more

Project Management – Communication

(Part 1 – Overview) Communication with Stakeholders is one of the most important pieces to managing the project puzzle. Get this right and you have just passed a major hurdle! In this first post, we are going to give an overview of each type of stakeholder and then We will follow with three posts that … Read more

Before You Start a Project

Start of a Project There are several things to consider before you start a project, especially if you’re relatively new to the company. It’s important to put project management in its proper context because without a frame of reference to start with, you can easily get lost. You’d be really surprised, and we’re all guilty … Read more

7 Tricks for Managing Your Time

I am not someone to leave things to the last minute but I have lost count of a number of times that by the end of the week I still haven’t made it through my task list. It’s not that I procrastinate (much!) but it’s hard to get everything done. The main problem I have … Read more

Learning Collaboration Skills

Everyone agrees it takes work to be part of a team. All the drills, coaching, practices, training, playing experiences that go into making a winning team are hard work. And when the team is pulling together, awesome things happen. Collaboration is teamwork, too. And like teamwork, collaboration gets better with training, practice, coaching, and playing … Read more