Embrace the New Normal with Online Project Management Tool

January 31, 2024


Online Project Management Tool

The world is facing a huge crisis and has come to a grinding halt. In this difficult time, the greatest has happened after dealing with the work as businesses have shut, people are compelled to remain and work from home. Nevertheless, the good news is we have a comprehensive solution within reach, the Online Project Management Software.

Online or cloud-based project management tools are becoming a mainstream phenomenon in this state of the pandemic. Almost every industry has accepted and adopted it no matter the size of the sector. Adapting to new methodologies, implementing new technologies and tools has become the need of an hour to enhance your market position in the current scenario.

An effective Project Management tool streamlines the process and simplifies all aspects of a business. It provides a full outline of the process with a simple overview of how things are moving along and ensures that you are on the schedule to meet your project deadline.

Project management tools not only help you improve project profitability but also assists you to effectively manage remote resources. Organizations that were gearing up to invest in IT infrastructure before the pandemic hit us are presently being obliged to consider a new need which requires immediate attention, remote project management. During these questionable times, remote working has become the new normal and to remain productive an online project management tool has to turn into a necessity. Listed below are a few benefits of online project management tools that can guide you to improve your game and help you manage your project in a better manner.

1. Skilled Monitoring

Accurate monitoring of work is fundamental for effective conduction while working from home. An effective PM tool with real-time updates as well as the status of the deliverables helps one monitor project progress and informs if any task or activity requires immediate attention with notification and reminder features.

2. Transparency leading to productivity

Cloud-based tools are designed to improve productivity and enable collaboration, without much economic burden. These tools offer many avenues to collaborate by keeping the project team informed about various facets of project management.

Take, for example, Touchbase an enterprise-wide project planning & scheduling software that helps create a single repository for all projects where it can increase transparency by decreasing duplication. This further helps in increasing employee’s productivity and perhaps improves the quality of deliverable.

3. Highly Reliable and Secure Network

Online project management tools are generally hosted on world-class infrastructure like AWS. There are mechanisms such as SSL certificates, data encryption through which vendors ensure the security of customer data, and continuity of operation. With such a smart choice of organizations, these project management tools are reliable for the team to be effective and complete their project on time. Data is highly secured, ensuring access only to respective members.

When evaluating a project management tool, it is very important to have an overview of security the tool provides to the business. The tool needs to answer queries such as whether the data being shared on the platform is safe or not? Who has access to my file? Is the data that should stay confidential shielded well enough? TouchBase stands tall against all odds and satisfies all the project related needs.

4. Building digital capability with real-time information

The core aim of an online project management tool is to load you with features that you can keep on top of your tasks and have time to explore ideas to develop your product or service. An enterprise mobility platform such as TouchBase offers real-time product launches and offers instant growth in your sales.

While speaking of the project team, with online access to cloud-based tools it gets easy to get hold of project files, and there is no excuse for not being able to keep up to date in real-time. Managers can get to know the current progress of their employees with an in-built reporting feature that manages to pull information about project status.

These are demanding times when a large part of our world is endangered by a pandemic. But with collaboration and coordination, we are certain to win this war and out of this confused condition, we may discover innovative approaches to push forward equipped with an online project management tool such as TouchBase – a world-class Integrated Project Management Software. It ensures Business Continuity with its advanced Resource Management and Timesheet Management module. It not only helps you gain complete visibility of your projects but also has complete control on your all resources along with detailed Timesheet management, Invoicing which will increase both your top-line and bottom-line.

Shivani Kumar


This article is provided by Shivani Kumar, Head of Marketing and Director at Kytes, formerly known as ProductDossier. Kytes is a company renowned for its flagship product, Kytes PSA Software - an Integrated Project Management Software solution. Kytes PSA assists customers in achieving Business Automation and Excellence.