The value of PSA Software to deal with resource timesheets and costs

How PSA software solutions streamline dealing with resource timesheets and costs  Professional services firms need technical solutions to streamline timesheet management and cost-handling processes. PSA software platforms provide firms with the right cloud-based infrastructure for integrated timesheet insights and end-to-end cost management. Along with resource capacity management features, PSA solutions provide productivity insights, manhours analysis, etc.  Firms can also … Read more

Project Success Criteria

There cannot be a project without its success criteria. However, when we observe discussions on various online forums or conferences, many project professionals focus on schedule, cost, and quality. Numerous publications on project management continue to pivot around the triangle of schedule, cost, and quality. Is this so? Has the nature of projects not changed … Read more

Selecting Project Management Software – Do not miss the woods for the trees!

Project Management Software The Scenario Over the last decade, the number of options for project management software has zoomed. As a customer, it is great to have many choices. Are too many project management software options good? These options have caused confusion to business leaders during the project management software evaluation process. The decision becomes … Read more

Does Your Organization Suffer From Data Paralysis?

Organizations love data in all forms, be it plain numbers, reports, trends, graphs, spreadsheets, et al. This fascination for data has created ‘factories’ that churn data by the minute. On top of this, research and studies produce additional data. Do business leaders know whether all the data generated drive better decisions? There are many organizations … Read more

Managing Innovation Projects? But are you managing from Idea to Launch?

Here is a small experiment that I tried. I typed “innovation” at, I did not expect the number of results that showed up.It was only 57,00,00,000. It took 0.45 seconds.I am not highlighting the speed of Google Search here! We will save it for another day ?.In a world that is engulfed by technology, … Read more

Getting into the IoT Bandwagon? Do you have answers to these two questions?

During the first week of October 2016, NASSCOM held one of its premier summits on Design & Engineering in Bangalore. Amongst others, the key focus was the Internet of Things, or IoT for short. In a world that is fascinated by new jargon, IoT has caught all the attention of professionals, and business leaders irrespective … Read more