Why Business Process Automation is Important?

Today’s economy requires organizations to take a pragmatic approach while managing productivity and costs. The mandate is to optimize efficient processes throughout the organization. In the ongoing search to improve IT productivity, many companies are looking at business process management (BPM) as a means to increase productivity and extend system functionality without requiring rewrites of … Read more

Why PPM Software Is Necessary?

The CEO of a given organization is usually responsible for implementing its strategic objectives. He gives the direction and leadership necessary to achieve the organization’s mission, strategy and philosophy to achieve its objectives. Put simply, the CEO must make sure the company is profitable. The question then is: how do CEOs help organizations be more … Read more

Key Component of Project Success – What to Expect from a Project Management Solution

Project Management Solution. Managing projects effectively has never been more important in today’s highly competitive and turbulent markets. Without access to up to date accurate, real- time information about the status of projects, senior executives may have to make key decisions based on assumptions which may be damaging the business. So, let’s try to break … Read more

Collaborative Project Planning: A new twist on an Old Standard

Effective project management is never conducted in a vacuum. Successful projects have always involved input from and coordination with a variety of stakeholders searching for win-win outcomes in a constantly changing environment. Clear communication must always be a goal because it facilitates feedback and buy-in from all team members, which increases the likelihood that the … Read more

Why Timesheet Management Automation is Required? – Part 2

In the previous blog we discussed some key indicators that current system or lack of a system is costing your organization. Let’s now understand how automating timesheet management system is beneficial for your organisation.In order to realize some of these benefits you should look for a system that will allow the following: Ensure that everyone … Read more

Why Timesheet Management Automation is Essential? – Part 1

Timesheet Management Automation The discussion to institute any automated system within an organization should revolve around some return on investment. A change in a system of any kind whether automated or not implies some effort, some cost, some expenditure of energy and resources. These costs could be hard costs such as the purchase of new … Read more

Project Management Approach

Project Management Approach “Most projects fail, because the Project Manager either cannot or does not execute effectively”. The last thing that should be suggested is that we have a large group of seasoned Professionals out there managing our projects, that don’t know what they are doing. In today’s climate, most have studied and work towards … Read more